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My Art Heroes

I have been following a lot of artists for a lot of years. One thing I try to do is track those I consider my personal art Heroes. Besides fishing art heroes I have been inspired all my life by artists.

One of them is Artist Harold Stevenson, (wikipedia), in 1963 he painted a 40 + foot painting of a Spanish bullfighter El Cordobes,  that was hung from the Eiffel Tower in France.  One of the controversy of the paintings was the size first of all, but it caused major traffic jams and had to be taken down. This was very upsetting to me knowing the amount of work that went into a 40 foot painting had to be lengthy and grueling.

I was so inspired by that and knew it was truly the one thing I would always want to do- was to draw and paint, he quickly became my art hero. Even tho I never got to see the painting, imagining a work that large was something that I have never gotten out of my mind. He will be one of my art heroes forever. Never one to want to paint or draw nudes it was a weakness for many years, and I just didn’t like doing it, it was uncomfortable and my art teachers would tell me, it was a must. I chose fish instead. Although having art heroes is a good thing and I keep adding them to my file folder.

Harold Stevenson, Artist

Sketching the work of Harold Stevenson, Artist


Today while reviewing some old bookmarks on the laptop I came across a video of him speaking with Poteet Victory, another of my Art Heroes, and was so taken aback at how he aged again since the last time I reviewed any of his work or media posts.  I decided to do a little drawing of him, and I hope it looks pretty much like him. He had so much to say about art and how an art hero should view his/ her own work.

Harold Stevenson, Artist

Pencil sketch of Harold Stevenson, Artist


Enjoy, and I hope to see you along the river soon, in the meantime, go fish! Andy-

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