Summer Moozie slipping away

Summer Moozie slipping away

Where does it all go? Fast for sure. I did get to go fishing for a portion of an afternoon. It was too hot to really be fishing, so I played around casting and fixing my line, thinking I was going to get to to do this a lot more through the fall. Where do all the Moozie go?

Summer is slipping away for sure, and now it is mid August and I have to go out of town again for a few weeks, and it is not to go fish. Today I thought I was sitting in my studio trying to get better organized. But then, got the word I was moving out. So heave ho – I go, just like the Moozie, rent storage and figure out where I am going in a hurry. Now tho, that’s all done. Boy life has improved a bunch. I was camping for a weekend and figuring out a new career path for my other self, you know the part that is not the artist outwardly and needs to support the part that is the artist. Defending myself from bears and cleaning up left over garbage from the weekend campers that came before me. I could not believe the garbage and personal waste left behind by folks who just trash the forest. Brother, next time I will bring big garbage bags to clean up, then take it down the mountain to a garbage drop off and come back, lots of work but hey no bears hopefully. Maybe a Moozie or two will wander by then.

Summer is slipping away for sure. Have you ever wondered why summer goes so fast and winter just drags on, yup Summer is slipping away for sure. Mean time, just enjoy my art.


Moozie, acrylic

Here is a new addition that has not been put up here before.  Moozie, can be found on my Fine Art America website. What a character. I also have a few prints ready to ship out and are available for a limited time with free shipping. (August 18- August 31, 2016- all prints will ship after 9/1/16).  Contact me off my Facebook Page Like, Share and comment where you found this offer, on the Moozie  image and purchase it there with a PM to me. Tell me you have been on my website and want one of my $60 Fine art Smooth  Moozie prints, signed by me to you.

As for the fact that Summer is slipping away, have a great fall and please just ” Go Fish”.


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