Taking your kids fishing this year?

Every year there is a buzz around the camp fire with all the little kid talking, you going fishing with your dad, yeah, yeah. Is anyone listening to them?

Make this year different, think of all the things that you can do with your kid, one of them, fishing, does it need to be fly fishing, well yes, but does not have to be. Just GO FISH, with them.

Many fly shops now offer free lessons for kids while you look at that drift boat you want or are busy finding out the local intel on the area. Ask about it when you first get there, and then do something, SPREAD the word about it for your fly shop. They will surely appreciate it. There are many great Rods out there now that are perfect for kids, and you don’t have to spend a fortune for them and they won’t out grow them as fast as you think they will.The kids learning about fishing.

With the fishing frenzy winding up, there are many things that children can do both during the season and afterwards. One of them is to read about fishing, be it in magazines, or awesome books, both new and in re-print you can find. Help them get interested in a sport that will last a life time, and quite possibly change their entire life. Take them to your fly club meetings, finding a family oriented fly club is not that hard, if there is not one in your area, start one, you might be surprised at how fast it takes off.

One very good author Kerk Werner and his Olive The Little Wooly Bugger series is receiving 5 star ratings on Amazon. Make sure to stop by the website as there are wonderful things happening for children there. Puzzles, fun free stuff, and how to find the Olive Merchandise.  Ask your fly shop about getting the books in stock if they don’t carry them.

Here is another pretty neat website for Fly Fishing for Kids, they pretty much focus on your kids fly fishing and have fun doing it.

I will be posting a page of links  just for various Kids Fly Fishing websites and family oriented clubs as I gather them. If you want yours to be listed just let us know.

See you along the river of colors in my pallet soon.


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  1. Andy says:

    Alrighty then, since Spring has worked it’s way into Summer, I better get these links for Take A Kid Fishing put up here for all of you.
    Most of the sponsored days to take a kid fishing happen in the earlier spring, so that the kids will have some idea what is needed, how to go about actually getting some time in on the local water safely.
    Many of these links will give you a lot of information about children’s fishing of many different styles, from fly fishing, fresh water, and salt water, along with spin casting and making your own pole.







    NEWTON, N.C. — Approximately 152 people came out to Herman’s Fish Lake on June 15 for Take a Kid Fishing Day, an annual event sponsored by the Newton Parks and Recreation Department.


    https://sites.google.com/site/fishsisa/Home/take-a-kid-fishing This is a Salt Water Fishing location for Kids.

    One of the ways to help children out who may not have the resources and means to fish, is C-A-S-T-for-kids Foundation
    become a volunteer, donate or sponsor of this great organization.
    The Fishing Kids Program was established in 1996 and is built around the slogan “Getting more kids fishing, more often”. Events are designed to create and provide more fishing opportunities for urban youth, ages 5-14. Each event hosts approximately 300-800 children and for a minimal entry fee each participant receives a Fishing Kids t-shirt, rod & reel to keep! The kids fish in groups on-shore for up to 60 minutes receiving instruction by experienced anglers on angling techniques and environmental stewardship. The parents are encouraged to participate with their children and prior to each fishing session each group receives a tutorial on water safety.

    It can be a wonderful thing to help kids learn to fish, you could be giving them the gift of adventure, and one that will last them a life time. Change a kids life for ever, show them how to fish and they will love being privileged to live and travel some of the most spectacular and pristine wilderness in the world and possibly will play an active role in it’s preservation.

    Take care, and I hope to see you along the river of colors on my pallet soon.


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