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As an artist, I have been painting for the last 30 some years, and enjoying the art of silk painting. Adding to my collection of paintings and creating beautiful works as I am inspired by the dyes as they work together to create new and exciting dimensions and depth to my work. Now, I want to share that with you in my workshops, so lets do it! Get started today by contacting me and registering for one of the many workshops available! You can also download an informational sheet for the workshops for 2013-2014 here

Flyer Silk Workshops

In the workshops you will create your very own design. As you learn this ancient art of silk painting with dyes, you will learn the basics of letting the dyes mix and blend to make fantastic colors and tones. You will be amazed at the way you will be able to make bold or soft values right before your eyes, as the dyes work together to make fabulous patterns on the silk.
Plan to join me and bring a friend along for these wonderful fun workshops!
My goal is to create independent silk artists and inspire them. Once they have acquired the basic skills they quickly join the “I can Do This” club and will go on to explore the art form in their own style. My hands-on workshops are the best way to quickly get involved with silk painting.

I also offer private individual instruction which consists of one to three day workshops, tailor made to progress you at your level. These workshops move you through beginner to advanced at your pace. This is especially a good way if your schedule is very busy and travel is involved.

My classroom style instruction is more structured and more routinely set. It is generally scheduled year round, starting with 2 – 4 hour beginners classes and moves an individual through to a more advanced class as time goes on. These classes are structured where a group of individuals can progress through the classes, learning specific techniques  in a small setting of six to eight at a time, in a well balanced setting. Feeling free to share experiences and styles with each other as well. I am currently scheduling for the fall classes, if you are interested contact me today and let me know what type of class will work for you.

Beginners- Sensational Silk Scarf
Beginners-Silk 1, 2, 3,
Silk Painting Mounted on Glassware NEW
Silk Painting a Pillow Top Using Resist
Silk Painting and Mounting on Canvas No Resist

The late spring and summer months are my vacation and off time, where I am traveling for shows and catching up with family and friends and can often be found along a river here and out west.

Find other works of art displayed at



Enjoy, and I hope to see you along the river soon, in the meantime, go fish! Andy-

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  1. Andy says:

    This year in my workshops, you will create your very own design. As you learn this ancient art of silk painting with dyes, you will learn the basics of letting the dyes mix and blend to make fantastic colors and tones.With the addition of covering glassware with a finished silk product. Our August workshop schedule was booked up. I have begun to set up a schedule for all workshops and am working on my September, October calendar. While private or individual classes remain some what open to schedule for you, the set time table for classes will remain during the week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday until late fall. I have found that most folks want to be home on the weekends with their families. However, if I have enough folks who want to wrap a particular class session around a particular weekend and I can fill it up, I am very happy to accommodate. So contact me right away with dates and lets try to work the available schedule so you can get what you expect from the workshops.

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